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Stand up and fight


First game of the new season, two major results – firstly, WIMBLEDON 3 Bluenose Bastards 1, and of course Fans 1 Koppout 0. More on the protest later. As for the game itself, it was pretty much as where we left off last season. In fact, I thought it WAS the same game last season. Come to think of it, it was the same scoreline as well – and we went 3-0 up then. Oh well. Shipps and DC made their “proper” debuts with goals apiece, though the third was a rather nice OG. When you consider that Brum were yet again most bookies tip for auto promotion behind Shitty and Watford, it did run out rather too comfortable in the end.

Anyway, enough of that shit, let’s get to it:

Plus points: The way we just bossed the game big time. From early doors as well. Stunning debuts for Connelly and Jermaine Darlington (and yes, I know I said how unimpressed I was at him at Northampton). David Neilsen was sublime. Wu Tang looked the part. Defense looked pretty solid even without KC. The crowd support during the 90 mins.

Minus points: Trond’s injury – bugger. Shipps looked out of it a bit.

The ref was a…….: good one, as it goes. Please do not faint.

Usual big club rubbish: Brum fans. 2000 of them – apparently – and generally as quiet as Charles Koppel during an audit.

Still crap: The SP Roadstar jumbotron. Even managed to put CPFC up instead of WFC.

Was it worth it? Certainly

In a nutshell: Watch out first division….

Of course, you’re not really interested in the game today are you? Thought not. In which case, here is the report of the protest, which is probably the most important thing for a long, LONG while. Read on.


Well, the major result today, as expected, was Good 1 Evil Purveyors of MK Dons 0. MAJOR emotion as you would probably expect. The day started out with loads milling about in the pubs – and this was about 11am apparently. Plenty of old faces about as well, obviously the predicament really has bought people together. The players came out, and a mass of balloons filled the place. Extremely impressive, hope it came out well on the telly. The game came and went (not too much anti-Koppout stuff as promised, enough to keep people interested), and then the big one. About 4000 at least stayed behind, which is majorly impressive. The usual chants of “You can stick your Milton Keynes up your arse” and “We want Koppel out” abounded. This went on for about 20 minutes before the first breakthrough – an annoucement on the PA suggested a WFC representative would come and talk to us. Rumours from it being Koppout to TB to Peter Cork (???) abounded, but it was left to the Director of Comms, Graham Thorley, to addressed the pissed off Womble massive.


Needless to say, the guy absolutely bricked it. When the guy turned up trying to act all important, he was given a rather welcoming “who are you?”. The intent from the club was clear : a piece of paper with some soothing words, that will placate this vocal minority that Koppout sneers at. I think I made out what he was saying – something about how much our support is valued (oh boy, Koppel’s lies are getting more outlandish by the day), a quote of “whatever the outcome of the proposal” and a quick burst of “sit ins are not the answer”. Well, that’s all I heard, because we weren’t having ANY of it. I don’t think I have heard anyone at WFC so drowned out. The guy looked like Koppout’s hatchet man in all of this. Still, the guy had the guts to come out there. Though it only antagonised people more.

Now, had the sit-in ended there, the coppers would have had about 4k pissed off people who I think were ready to tear somebody limb from limb. Whether this next bit was planned or not I have no idea, but I think it did send everyone out on a high – General Lee (who earlier gave me a bottle of Fosters for nowt – “going spare”, apparently) clambered onto the pitch, and let rip. Basically, he apologised for his language, called on CK to quit (after denouncing MK of course), then challenged the owners (“if they have any balls”) to either find a ground in Merton or give the club to somebody who will. All rousing stuff, and it certainly has fired up people.

So now what? We need to keep the momentum going, that WILL fuck Koppout. The guy is shit scared at the moment – if he isn’t, then explain his non-attendance on the pitch and his very brief statement in the program (no I didn’t buy it) – but he’s relying on opposition blowing out soon, that’s his real hope. His next move will be to write to all ST holders explaining the club’s predicament – he wants it to have the desired effect, though given the general mood he’ll probably end up antagonising people even more. Certainly, many there today will keep doing it, though after a while the sit-in form of protest will be lessened in effect. Diverse attempts at publicity (“stunts”, as the CUNW describes it) will have the same effect as today, and that will really put the pressure on Koppout. If we keep it up, I am pretty certain that CK will quit, because he’ll have nowhere to go. Especially if his comments to the shareholders at the AGM become common knowledge – remember, it is NEVER a good idea to lie at your very own AGM…….

Couple of other things – not too sure if boycotts really work, though program sales, club shop sales (did you see ANYONE in a Maximuscle top who wasn’t playing today?) and concession stand sales appeared to be much less busy than usual. I noticed in somebody else’s program that WFC themselves are now doing the official travel – funny that. And if I was doing “Quotes” for the protest, I give you this classic : “Thorley looks like he’s got a second class degree from Leicester De Montford University – that’s what all Communication Directors at first division clubs have got”. Now THAT was classy……