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The battle continues Firstly, hope you can read this 🙂

Purchase Tramadol Uk Secondly, so much has happened in the last 48-72 hours, it’s nigh on impossible to write in great length what is going on (bit like the last entry) so here’s a breakdown. Firstly, the WISA meeting on Wednesday went very well indeed, probably THE biggest turnout for such an occasion. Plenty of non-WISA people, including some I have never seen at a WISA meeting before, were there. You can read the plans elsewhere on tomorrow, but please – SUPPORT THE TEAM. It’s not their fault that MK is on the horizon – they can’t say a lot on it and have to toe the party line. Many of them apparently aren’t that keen on it anyway. As suspected, the final decision on MK won’t be made tomorrow. Already, we’ve had a “no” publically from Barry Hearn and now Geoffrey Richardson of Bradford. David Burns of the Football League quoted today that MK is by no means a foregone conclusion and are contacting Merton to see why we can’t go back there. Merton Council have come out and said that whilst there are only two places in Merton, WGS and PL, WFC have done nothing to help.

So, what to make of all this? Well, it appears that WFC are close to being flushed out over grounds. Soon, WFC will need to prove just what exactly they want from a stadium – just a stadium? Or some complex thing? If it’s the former, then WFC have no case to answer. Plough Lane has been hinted at by more than one person…….. If it’s the latter, it could be more problematic : there was an article in a planning application newsletter today (“Planning” if you must know) that seem to suggest that there was nowhere for a MK-size project in the South London area. Which is obvious. And Koppout will use that sort of stuff to further his Bucks white elephant (though that particular article has a bit of dubious nature to it – it was apparently a misquote from an internal memo and was leaked by…………… Koppout), so be warned.

Actually, Koppout himself may be feeling it a bit. The Mirror yesterday made a note that Koppel baracaded him in his Mayfair offices this time last week and (I paraphrase) “wasn’t convinced by his own arguments over MK”. His current stance of “it’s our only hope” smells of pleading. I think the guy is scared and desperate over this, but that makes him more dangerous. I don’t think he predicted the backlash quite that well, and Burns’ comments today has compounded that. I don’t think the ratification of the move being delayed for up to 9 months or so is helping him one bit, especially as the FL clearly want to know what WFC have done for the last 10 years. The fun is getting going, and I for one would like to see WFC finally forced to come clean. What happens after that almost becomes irrelevant at this point. Oh, there’s a game tomorrow as well. New season. Forgot about that. Let’s keep the pressure up, the future of YOUR club really does depend on it..