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WISA meeting

I think it’s all happening now – firstly, sorry there’s no Colchester report. It was that shit, and it was nothing more than a glorified reserve game anyway. We lost 1-0 after conceding a goal within the first 30 seconds.

Secondly, MK bollox latest – it’s rather too hectic for me to put into words what’s going on. Basically, the crunch time – maybe – is 16th August up in sunny Preston. However, it appears that Koppout and the Space Cadet have only submitted a basic financial plan for it. So basic that it’s apparently only two sheets of A4 long. Hmm, even my essays at college weren’t that short. I reckon that the decision will be delayed somehow, just a hunch. Oh, and your humble editor has been featured in picture form for the Wimbledon News and the South London Press.

I’ve decided to link this for you:

It’s self-explanatory, just get down there, and there’ll be plenty to discuss. You don’t need to be a WISA member to come BTW.

Thirdly, yes, this site HAS been down most of the day. I’ve put much more in detail on . I’d also like to point out that you can now access this news page directly on, the chat site on and the guestbook on I’m sure that the club have nothing to do with it closing down like this. Honest.

Finally, a quick thought I had today – assuming the worst happens in all this, ie the move to MK gets approved and subsequent legal arguments get quashed, there’s something, well, “nice” about “Real” Wimbledon starting up again. It will be a major slap in the teeth for those who think we’ll just trundle off like sheep up north, and maybe Wimbledon could run without all the bullshit associated with it? Just a though. And now, off to bed….