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Brentford : the new battleground

It’s been one helluva 24 hours (and a bit) since you-know-what broke. Here’s the latest: Barry Hearn, one of the 8 FL bods who will decide our future has already come out and said that the move is “illegal”. Plenty of column inches on this, some trying to justify the move (including a couple of ex-players – you will never ever be forgiven), others coming up with more sense. Plenty of work going into the protests etc. Tonight, we play Brentford at Griffin Park, many are meeting up at Waterloo at 5pm (at the pub above Burger King, I think). There’s a joint effort between WFC and Bees fans, and of course SW19 will update you all on it tonight.

Loads of letter writing going on, especially to the Football League (who have said they WILL consider every letter from WFC fans when the board meeting goes ahead) – go to for names, contacts etc.

Unsurprisingly, WFC are keeping quiet ATM, except trying the spin routine that they’ve been doing over the last 24 hours. The club offices yesterday were guarded by security guards, with an utterly twattish Reg Davis (is there any other sort of Reg Davis?) trying to wind people up. Although it probably won’t make much financial difference, the amount of cancelled merchandise, kit sponsorships etc, coupled with Chris Phillips’ resignation has a lot of symbolism. The resistance is growing.

More tonite


Well, that was one of the most seriously weird games I’ve been to, even for a pre season friendly. In case you didn’t know, it was Not Going To Woking 0 Not Going To MK 4, DC scoring yet again – by far the best player in a striking position I have seen for a LONG while – with DC scoring a brace and Mark Williams netting the fourth apparently. I say “apparently” because I was having a piss at the time. And the first person to say “Crewe” to me gets it.

As for the game itself, to be honest I don’t know. As you probably would expect, the general minds of those there tonight weren’t on the goings on on the pitch. I honestly can’t remember much about tonight’s game, hence the even more strained match reports than usual. Primarily because we were giving MAJOR league abuse to those who deserved it. And this is what went down……


Plus points: We won. 4-0. Again, away from the dump that many of us wouldn’t mind playing at in two years time at the moment (ironic, eh?). LOADS of anti-MK/CK/WFC being butt fucked chants, in fact, I can’t remember any other subject being chanted about. WFC and Brentford fans getting on well, signing each other’s petitions etc. The realisation that maybe things won’t be so easy for Koppout and co.

Minus points: The realisation that this may be our penultimate season.

The general feeling: There is utter hatred for certain people at WFC. You will know who they are. The mood was defiant, determined but pissed off. TBH I don’t think the players really knew what to do. I think they may need to get used to it.


Basically, if your name is Charles R Koppel, you live in Putney, you are the chairman of WFC and you’ve been linked with relocating to Buckinghamshire, you are a marked man my friend. I don’t think ANY WFC owner, chairman etc, has been subject to so much as he has, all with perfectly good reason.

Chants: So many, none of them particularly complementary. Off the top of my head : “You can stick your Milton Keynes Up Your Arse”. “Oh Charles Koppel, lives in Putney. He’s got a 5 bedroom semi”. “Why do you treat us like shit?”. “No To Woking”. “Judas” (that one to Reg Davis, who also got told to fuck off back to Wolverhampton), and “He’s Fat, He’s Round, He Stole A Million Pounds, Sam Hammam”.


Sam Hammam? Yup, he was there. Went in the Griffin pub apparently (full of WFC) to act like he was the saviour of WFC. Modest as usual. Needless to say, the guy ended up in tears. Next time he tries a pathetic stunt like that, I hope somebody glasses him (assuming that hasn’t happened already)

We are the Goon Squad and we’re coming to town, beep beep: The West London branch of the Met. Took down the above left banner, threw out the CUNW for “foul and abusive language” at half time (only ejection, thankfully) and basically acted like Genoa rioters. I doubt if sending two West Norwood coppers down helped matters……

Quotes: “Not enough people care at WFC, that’s why the League will approve the move” – rather dejected Womble outside the ground after the game. Hmm, I dunno, there’s loads of life left in this.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The whole thing. (2) The realisation I’m at Colchester tomorrow. (3) The stewards trying hard not to laugh at some of the, ahem, more “fruity” chants..

Was it worth it? At the moment, any little single action is worth it. Don’t be kidded otherwise.

In a nutshell: Birmingham is going to be tense..