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Walt on

The sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed that there was no Walton report as promised. And I unreservedly apologise for that. There are many reasons for this, but the primary reason is that I have simply just woken up from the coma that game enduced in me. It was seriously dull, enlivened only by us winning 4-1 on penalties after extra time, the goalkeeper having a strop and somebody luzzing a can of Fosters onto the pitch. In other words, I really didn’t want to do it. Hell, I even watched the England match instead, which considering I don’t support them at all proves how bad it was. Oh, and did you buy your Dave Beasant quotation t-shirts? Why not?

For future reference, I will try and get more reports done, but as I’m starting full time work again soon, please don’t yell at me if they’re not qute as immediate. Saturdays should be OK as it goes, but weekday? Hmm..

Onto other things, and in followup to last week, Franchise have admitted publically that they can’t move to the Bowel by Boxing Day after all. This despite flyering and Koppout strutting round telling everyone to expect the team up there for their post turkey treat. Looks like the only stuffing is going to be Koppout’s arse – basically, MKFC need to pay KIR anything between £6m and £10m by 31 December 2002. Wankelmann has said in print that MKFC have to be up in MK by Xmas otherwise the success of the franchise is seriously buggered. Given this past year or two, which has resulted in mental (and physical) torment for probably most of us, this will be the ideal reward. It’s worth keeping an eye on Franchise from now till Xmas certainly, what they will do could depend on what will happen to them post loan repayment…….