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Rock on farnham_afcw Before I start today, can I point out to everyone who threatened to kill me and place my rotting corspe in front of Koppout’s house asked me about the lack of a Walton report that there is a bit in the disclaimer (what do you mean you’ve never read it?) that states that I update when I feel like it. Thank you Anyhow, our run contines, and John Farnham 0 John Bon Jovi 1 was one of those frustrating kinda afternoons. We won in something like the 87th minute – Oakins scored, I think – and Farnham weren’t much (I saw them against the Vile and had we not won then heads must have rolled), but we really could have got 3 or 4 nil. The main problem was our shooting, lack of thereof. Granted, I don’t expect the standard of shooting to be on a par with a sniper in a white van driving around Washington DC, but it really did suck. Every attempt on target seemed to go high or wide, and christ we miss Joe Sheerin. Really miss him. Still, a win is a win. Let us continue: Plus points: We won. Kept a clean sheet. At least we knew how to get forward. Good crowd.

Ambien Sleeping Pill Online Minus points: The RMT are better at striking.

Really ugly point: The traffic on the A3/A31. Not nice The referee’s a …………….. : Quite good as it went, missed a couple of decisions by his linesman but that was about it. Rather disturbingly, he smiled a lot. Pleasant: Farnham. Very picturesque. I am sure the Crafts Fair which clashed with our game was very fine, and no doubt a pou pourri of hand-woven garnments and articles were displayed and admired by many. Sing, sing, sing: “You’re so shit it’s unbelievable” was the only real worthy one, that and “Can you hear the Farnham sing?”. Some anti-Palace stuff as well from the occasional person, though really considering who they were playing today, it was quite dumb.

Weather with you: OK, work this out. Some claim it was hot, others claim it was freezing. Is this going to be the norm for non-league? Or has the general amount of alcohol consumed by AFCW fans finally played havoc with our internal heating systems?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Just who were those reprobates who steamed into the housing estate car park before the game starting to cadge a free view? Yes, I’m talking about YOU (I know who you are) – and I’m accused of being tight. (2) That big grass bank which many consider to be like the Spion Kop or the North Bank. Presumably before either of them were constructed. (3) Delayed kickoff? Blimey. Third one this season on our travels.

Hello mum: Somebody decided that they would spend a great deal of time looking at a steward’s arse.

Franchise FC watch: OK, so they drew 2-2 in front of their biggest crowd of the season – but 6k for a MAXIMUM really sucks the big one, even more when you consider that 95% of them were Palace playing on their own ground. Reportedly, 3 MK coaches came down, no doubt at a tenner a lob. Costing them more money. Still, they’re in the bottom 3 after Wednesday did us a favour. How long can they keep that charade up?

Anything else? Something on the game itself perhaps? Nah, an idle thought for you instead : maybe the reason we never get to see the home fans at our away games is because all of them are working for the club on that particular day. No idea what Farnhams’ average is, but when you consider that they had 3 people on the turnstiles alone, maybe we shouldn’t be surprised. Still, as in most cases this season, they seemed to enjoy our company.

So, was it worth it? Yeah, why not, it was a nice day out. My legs bloody hurt though

In a nutshell: We’re getting there.