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Lambs to the slaughter


In what is probably our first game at Ks in eons, we once again totally humiliated inferior opposition. This time, Bag O’Shite 4 Leg O’Mutton 0 was the order of the day, and really it was a bit too one sided : just imagine the Pompey cup game in 1987/88 and you’ll get it. Pretty much over by the beginning of the second half, though, I put that down to our second goal. Which was scored from the centre circle by our first ever hat-trick hero, Mr A Russel. Yup, he got three of the four (KC with the other) with the second one being from the centre circle. Get the video, I think Cobham were in shock. Hope he didn’t keep the match ball, they’re expensive.


Plus points: Another win. Another clean sheet. First hat-trick. Simon Bassey (I went to school with h.. oh, you knew) and Sully linking up very well. THAT second goal. KC’s free kick was good as well. All round play. Oh, and Ash losing

Minus points: Any? Hmm – learn to shoot and we really could get 9 or 10.

The referee’s a …………… : Wasn’t bad as it goes. Didn’t notice him, certainly.

Them: They wouldn’t even have scored on a date with Ulrika Jonsson.

Chants would be a fine thing: A very lame (trust me, it was very lame) version of “Ally, boombuya” rang out from, er, three of us after Russel’s third goal. Elsewhere, is it me or are the chants dying down a bit? Quite quiet for a lot of the time, though the Champagne Song did get its usual ironic airing.

Disturbing: One of our players was described by a hetro male AFCW fan as a “minx”.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) That very disturbing bloke with the pink tutu and the pig umbrella, who looked a bit out of it at the end. I seriously hope he was doing it for charity. (2) Kick Racism Out Of Football. Never seen an AFCW version of their banner before, I don’t think I ever saw a Franchise one certainly. Very well received, though personally I find these sort of things tokenism at best and toothless at worse. Time will tell if these things work, like the amount of ethnic minorities who come through our games. I don’t really consider racism has ever been a problem at AFCW/WFC, certainly not in my experience, granted there will always be a couple of idiots but then there are probably similar people currently walking round the British Museum or out shopping in Brixton. Anyway, let’s hope the club’s pitch to in particular Kingston’s Korean community pays dividends.

Franchise FC watch: Drew 1-1, Sheff Utd scoring in the last minute. Ha ha. No idea how many went up there, but it’s reported that they were due to be given an executive box or two and the away end given to home fans. Heard a couple of very interesting theories about Franchise’s future plans before the game, but I’m keeping sctum.

Anything else? Yeah, who told Phillo to describe me as being “known to many Wimbledon fans” at half time? Am I that well known? Thanks for the birthday message anyway, AFCW.

So, was it worth it? Even if it was for THAT second goal, then yes

In a nutshell: Watch out Wallingford.