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Got wood?


Before I start – isn’t it great that Crozier has gone from the FA? And isn’t it great that the FA have now basically had their power usurped by the Premiership clubs? OK, the thought of professional football being officially run by people like Ken Bates isn’t exactly pleasing to the stomach, but after the way the FA left us out to dry on 28/5 I have no sympathy for their soon-to-be-doomed plight.

No, the Prem clubs won’t have much time for the smaller clubs but then did the FA? And yes, I know that Crozier claims that he was backing us in the MK move, but do you really trust him over that? The way that he ignored York City’s plight as well illustrates just how top brass manouverings are becoming more stench-like each passing day. Seriously, I’m sure I’m not the only one glad to be out of pro football.

And back to proper football, where winning and honour actually means something. Looks like Mahogany 4 Wood 0 was another step towards world domination (LSC version) and really it was again a bit one sided. Looks like we’ll have to have a DVD out at Chrimbo just to rewatch the stunning goals that seem to be de rigeur these days. Danny Oakins’ fourth goal was another 35 yarder which made the poor opposition goalkeeper wish he’d stayed in the nick. Other than that, it wasn’t the best 4-0 you’d ever seen but plenty of people enjoyed it. And unlike Brimsdown, no bloody penalty shootouts either.

Let us continue:

Plus points: We won. 4-0. Decent all-round play. Using long balls effectively. DO’s fourth goal – sublime.

Minus points: Bolger (?) going off.

Barometer points: Low pressure, probably about 950 or so. In other words, it pissed it down.

The referee’s a ………. : Wasn’t his name something like Valentino? Sounds like a rather iffy singer in a suburban Home Counties Italian restaurant. Reffing wasn’t much better.

Woodford: Were they ex-nick or what? Goalkeeper looked like he was from Broadmoor and you just knew that the coppers wanted to lift the two Woodford fans in their Stone Island identikit.

Quotes: Perm any from the following : “He’s a tub of lard” or “Roy Hattersley” by CUNW, “Kris Stewart” by a man known as BJ and “Man Mountain” by the God of Bad Animation. I will be sensibly hiding in the toilets when the goalkeeper comes a-calling.

Naughty: The Woodford #7 doing a rather public bean shaking exercise before/during/after being sent off. Now that’s not very nice is it? No truth that they were hiding from the coppers in their coach after the game.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The first time it has EVER rained at an AFCW game. (2) Unbeaten in the London Senior Cup since 1976.

Incentive: ***IF*** we beat Bedfont in the next round we could get to play Tooting and Mitcham.

Anything else? Yeah, it was a bit confusing to get in wasn’t it? To be fair to AFCW they probably won’t try that again…

So, was it worth it? Yeah, guess so.

In a nutshell: We could see the wood for the trees….