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Chessington Zoo afcw_ch

And our run continues with some more weather that really should be made illegal : Crook 2 Hook 1 was a bit more closer than previous games, but still a win is a win. It was obviously very bad to play in, hell watching it was a contravention of all the weather warnings the Met Office put out, and given that the game in itself wasn’t particularly wonderful that’s not surprising. Anyway, we took the lead, they equalised (and they had a gathering of about 9-10 fans there as well) and then we struck back about 5 mins later with an acutely slotted shot after whoever it was (forgot, sorry) rounded the goalie. Actually, I’ll confess, I didn’t watch much of the game as I wasn’t wearing any glasses. The weather was poor (as you can probably tell) and as a result this ain’t quite so long as it should be… Plus points: We won. In bad conditions. Way we came back was good.

Order Tramadol Overnight Cod Minus points: Conceding that goal was dumb.

The referee’s a ………… : I don’t think he had a bad game meself, though others may beg to differ.

Tramadol Buying Uk Call the NSPCC: Making those kids take the penalty shootout in the wet was a bit cruel. OK, so it wasn’t exactly forcing them to watch Franchise but the little dears will catch their colds….

Order Tramadol Online Cod Overnight Quotes: (1) “That’s wishful thinking” – your humble and esteemed editor showing his legendary powers of ESP in response to a “We’re gonna score in a minute” just before the first goal. (2) “This will probably be a curler in the top corner” – your humble and esteemed editor demonstrating further his legendary powers of ESP just before the free kick which got our first goal. There’s nothing more to add, except that I wish the white powder that Mr Winkelmann will draw into his bloodstream is safe and legal. Apparently: Today is the day that the original Wimbledon (that’s Wimbledon Old Centrals) was formed.

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Truth is stranger than fiction: All right, it was fucking cold and wet. And my zip on my jacket broke. And my cap gave up the ghost as well. Real football, eh? Still, this does lay to rest the lie that we’d all bugger off to Franchise when the weather got lousy. And speaking of them….

Franchise FC watch: Won 4-2. Presumably playing well because they know the transfer window will be open again soon. Really though, I’ve almost stopped caring about their attendances because I know that they’ve now been permanently damaged due to the laughably large 849 they got at Rotherham. I said almost….

Anything else? Yeah, lager sucks before a game.

So, was it worth it? Where are we now? 3rd or something? If so, I’d say “yes”.

In a nutshell: Where’s my brolly?