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Oops. Once again the pressures of having to work for a living (for once) have taken their toll and forced me to forget writing something up for Whizz 1 Bang 4. It was firework night, and of course it would be totally inappropiate to put cliche after cliche about that particular night. Anyway, we went off to a flyer (sorry), going two goals up. Unfortunately, it fizzled away a bit (sorry again), with Cove having the temerety to score, after we looked pretty, well, slow in defence. Our game upcoming against AFC Wallingford could be more tricky than our current form suggests. Be warned

Anyway, it took a rocket (sorry yet again) up the arse from TE at half time to give us that spark (fed up yet?) we needed. We went up a gear or two, and exploded (it gets worse) into life with a penalty. Coops (I think) slotted home. We then had the Cove defence spinning like a catherine wheel (this is lame), netting again and sending various people into states of oohing and aahing (I’ll stop there). In truth, we could have had 7 or 8, but 4 is good enough for the fire (OK, I’ll stop there)

The rest of it?

Plus points: We won.

Minus points: We could have kept a clean sheet

The referee’s a …… : Could have been the victim of a bonfire (I said I’d stop, honest) but wasn’t that bad.

Cove: Very grateful hosts, which is nice. Their clubhouse looks like a Marriot or Comfort Inn.

Dark: That alleyway behind the ground. A bit spooky (and a tad muddy)

Franchise FC watch: 664 or so officially, Sky counted 380. Now, who do YOU believe?

Anything else? Yes, next time I promise to write a better report on the game

So, was it worth it? Weren’t bad.

In a nutshell: Plenty of fireworks (all right, that’s it….)