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Cheese wotsit

Published by REPD on 9 November 2002


Firstly, a request – I’ve been asked by a couple of people now about the guestbook returning. I want it back quicker than anyone, but for one reason or another things are moving far too slowly. So I will beg any friendly person with full CGI server access to contact me ASAP. You will be fed alcohol. I could use one of those free ones that you get all around the place, but quite frankly I think they’re absolutely horrible to use.

Tramadol Cheap Uk Now that plea is out of the way, let’s get onto more serious matters, like Merstham 0 Merton 2. And once again, it got a little bit too easy. Except for the first half where the home side did seem to cause our defence a little bit too much grief for my liking. Not too much though, their shooting is on a par with ours half the time. We went up a gear during the first half, and struck firstly through, er, whoever (bad I know) and then Cooper I think put us comfortably in front. And that basically was it. Nothing happened in the second half – I couldn’t see, for starters – and when I did get down the front it was as dull as fuck. Never mind. As for the rest of it…

Tramadol Online Nz Plus points: We won. Away. Clean sheet. Apparently not our full side out. Minus points: AFC Wallingford will do us big time if we don’t tighten our defense up

The referee’s a………. Well, I didn’t notice anything. Which is good

Tramadol Order Overnight Shipping Dial “M” for Merstham: Another club who seem to appreciate our 1500+ support. Their chairman (nicely labelled up) was an old boy who looked like he’d won the lottery, the FA Cup and an unconditional offer of a blow job off Britney Spears rolled into one. Nice marquee and clubhouse as well.

Quotes: “This is like playing in a local village” – nameless female Womble. Actually, we were playing in a local village…..

Buying Tramadol In Canada Point to ponder: Do you reckon like I do that games could well be postponed this season for a totally muddy viewing area? It wasn’t particularly swift today and it was dry. A downpour could well render some of these grounds unsafe… Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Rolls (ham and cheese/onion), 2 for £1. Did they get eaten in the clubhouse after the game? (2) A 15 minute delay for the start of the game. The third one this season. (3) The biggest traffic jam in Merstham after the game EVER. Probably. The locals looked a bit apprehensive, certainly. (4) The sale of those flying saucer sherbert type things : best avoided if you have any sort of sugar intolerance…..

Franchise FC watch: They won for the first time at Bradford, 5-3. Connelly scored a hat-trick but you just know he’s playing for a transfer. Hope so, anyway. Reportedly took about 6 away fans with them.

Note the damage limitation and media spin that Rent Boy is having to do? It’s got so bad that he has to waste so much time pleading his case (and he won). He’s also attacking “former fans” in print now : I would suggest many things about him but I really can’t be arsed to use clever things against him. So I’m just going to call him a spastic. Anything else? Yeah, some Leyton Orient, Brentford fans there today.

So, was it worth it? Weren’t bad, though we’ll need to be 100 times better against the other AFCW next week.

Tramadol 50Mg To Buy In a nutshell: Watch Ditton beat us.