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Month: October 2002

Got wood?

Before I start – isn’t it great that Crozier has gone from the FA? And isn’t it great that the FA have now basically had … Read more

Rock on

Before I start today, can I point out to everyone who threatened to kill me and place my rotting corspe in front of Koppout’s house … Read more

Walt on

The sharp eyed amongst you may have noticed that there was no Walton report as promised. And I unreservedly apologise for that. There are many … Read more

Down down

Oh boy, can we stop laughing now? No? Oh OK. While that’s going on, it’s time to continue on one of SW19’s favourite pastimes, Franchise … Read more

Late flight

Oops, looks like I forgot to do anything whatsoever for Bedrock 5 Bedfont 1. And I didn’t have a pen on me whatsoever so, er, … Read more