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Trash United


Yes, I am fully aware that it’s late. Shit happens, deal with it. I have to. Anyway, there’s nowt better than getting your own back, and Sycamore 5 Ash 3 more than adequately assisted on that score. Those there at that game earlier this season will know why. Once again, we have a total ability to score more than 5 goals in a game ever, and it was looking a little hairy towards the end, but in all honesty it was a bit one sided. First goal was a stunner by KC, could he be POTY? Would be a “Truth…” if the other KC was to present it on the pitch. Second one was a good old-skool scramble. Forget the rest though, I was too busy enjoying sticking two fingers up at them. Childish, I know…..

Inwards and upwards…

Plus points: Revenge is sweet. KC’s hat trick. Scoring more than five. Generally good play

Minus points: Defence STILL iffy. Did we go to sleep?

The referee’s a……. : I wasn’t really paying attention to what he was doing. At least he didn’t lose it like the last ref we had for Ash did.

Them: Not a threat eh? Fuck knows what that makes them. Anyway, couple of things. Their goalie is apparently quite attractive, though I thought he looked like Oliver Kahn. Their #9 was a fat git as well. Perhaps the highlight for them (indeed of the whole evening) was the nutcase Ash fan who was singing very loudly (and very badly) Ash United ditties to the amusement (or is that bemusement?) of all standing less than 10 ft away from him. Sung loads of song about Ash playing in green and red, though I’m sure he was singing more about rent boys. Was more vocal than most of our lot though, even if he was getting irritating towards the end. And guess what – even when 5-1 down he never shut up….

School trips: Those who went to Hamburg (like me) and who raided the St Pauli shop (unlike me) were sporting some rather nice attire from the Bundesliga 2 side. So if you want to know what those skull and crossbone apparel was, now you know. Plenty of discussions about goings on in Hamburg, though personally I’m convinced it was all a load of bollocks.

Point to ponder: It was quite impressive that we got 2.4k there last night, considering it was (a) midweek and (b) the transport was buggered. Does that show once and for all to any doubters the pulling power of owning your own club?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Did I hear the return of KLF’s “Last Train To Transcentral”? Or of the Dambusters after a goal? It seems like we’re recreating the Selhurst experience again – right, who fancies the stewards trying to throw you out, people telling you to sit down, shut up and watch the football AND having Kris Stewart telling you to fuck off?* (2) The somewhat bizzare key-jangling exercise for our corners. No, I really don’t get it either.

* – though as at least one of these things have actually happened to me this season it feels like I’m still at Selhurst. Altogether now, “Sack the board….”

Anything else? Yeah, remind me never to drink alcohol before a game ever again. Not even half a pint of Guinness.

So, was it worth it? Revenge is sweet.

In a nutshell: Who’s next…?