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Cobbled together cob_afcw The march continues, this time Cobh 0 Queenstown 5 was the order of the day. Cobham came to Leg O’Mutton like lambs to the slaughter. Although they made a mint out of us they were left feeling sheepish, having been skewed, diced and served with chili sauce. Ahem. In all seriousness, it was a bit one sided TBH, we went 2-0 up after about 20 minutes, then a lull, then two goals in two minutes then a nice lob to make it 5. And guess what – everyone was disappointed because we didn’t get at least six. Are we fast becoming a bit too Man U like for your average socially aware Womble? Ah, who cares? It was too bloody cold to argue, and the rain in the first half didn’t exactly help Let us continue..

Plus points: Another win. Against a top 10 placed side. No goals conceded. Ray Merry played well (can’t see how Shims will get his place back). Looked sublime for much of it. Good breaking away.

Minus points: Franchise-like sideways passing. Defence is still iffy.

Zolpidem 10Mg Online The referee’s a …… : Well, he started off OK. Then he sort of lost it a little bit. No, not in a G&G/W2K manner, but he did seem to blow up when un-necessary and miss the occasional bit of GBH and/or a penalty. Linesman enjoyed his day out though, reportedly seen smiling a lot of the time. Bizzare. Them: Put out a nice beer tent for us, complete with a big screen and alcohol. OK, I can forgive them for the wind doing in their TV presentation slightly during the Old Firm war (1-0, haha), though Cobham didn’t endear themselves to a couple of people when they didn’t sell beer at half time. Police advice? Never mind, their tea was decent. Police police me: Fuck me, did they look like they’d just come out of Hendon or what? I’m not 100% convinced that they’d ever seen that many people in one place before. Thankfully, they just let us get on with it, which is generally good policing. SW19 Apology: The editorial staff of SW19’s ARMY would like to hereby apologise to any person or persons offended by last weeks report likening the Feltham area of London as like something out of “Threads”, in particular one such reader who threatened to take me to court on the legal argument that Feltham “isn’t that bad”. SW19’s ARMY takes note of this, and will endeavour that on further occasions, Feltham will be treated with utmost respect and with no prejudice or disdain to the settlement shown whatsoever. This is subject to the pre-supposition that SW19’s ARMY will want to step back into that shithole.

Order Generic Ambien Coming on strong and firm: Matt Everard, who rose tantilisingly bulge-like for his goal, which excited the men as well. Good to see he’s penetrating defences everywhere.

Point to ponder: OK then, why can we never, ever, EVER score more than five goals in a game? Are we cursed? Did we upset some Haitian priest once? Somebody somewhere must have shagged a witch (note: a real witch, not some vindictive old bag with a grudge). Yeah, that’s what it is.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Didn’t half smell of horse manure (2) Wasn’t the Cobham goalkeeper short? I swear the CCL is a dumping ground for dwarves (3) Being informed by a local of the existance of the Christian Football League, where swearing is frowned upon and blasphemy is treated as, well, blasphemy. I am not making this up. I wonder if any chants sung to well known hymns are sung with its original, bible-bashing lyrics? Alltogether now, “Bread of heaven”……. (4) The gloriously titled “Between Streets” in Cobham. Yes, it’s the actual name of the road, proper street sign etc. You’ve gotta love this level. Franchise FC watch: Have to admit, most people didn’t know they were playing today. Or care that they were playing, anyhow. So, they were sent to Coventry and drew 2-2. No idea how many of their gimps turned up (all from MK of course), it’s really getting too boring now to make fun out of any of them. I think I might drop this feature soon, until they start publishing bollocks or indeed dropping bollocks again. Which won’t be too far away.

Speaking of bollocks, looks like Mark Williams is off to Stoke. Well, I’m sure that Leilani likes his bollocks…. Anything else? Hmm, not really. W2K got postponed… So, was it worth it? Yeah, I guess so. One day we may even see us get to six goals in one game. In a nutshell: Ash, prepared to be burnt….