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Let’s all meet up in the year 2000 w2k_afcw

Buy Ambien Uk Revenge is sweet. Or Willdive 2 Willpower 4 was anyway. It was basically the similar story as Southall : blow them away Arsenil-like for the first 20 minutes, switch off until they score, go up a gear or two to make it look more like the thrashing it really is and yet still fall asleep towards the end. The massive story for those who weren’t there is Kevin Cooper scoring with his head. Yes, after a season of it becoming a music hall joke, along he popped up after a decent cross in. He went mental apparently : I said “apparently” as we weren’t being reserved ourselves. JS did likewise – celebrations not so mental. Petered out until they scored, we sort of almost let them into it again before Wade and whoever scored our third restored an accuracy in the scoreline. Oh, and they shot a 30 yarder for theirs.

Best Price Ambien Online Sufficient match report for you? Good, here’s….

Plus points: 100% record in the league. 20 minutes sublime again. Looked very determined to right last season’s wrongs. When it gets going, our attack tears most teams apart. Nice to see a wide range of scorers again. Kevin Cooper scoring with his head.

Cheapest Zolpidem Online Minus points: See Southall report. Mind you, apparently, we are depleted…

The referee’s a …… : Oh good grief. He made the Southall one look like somebody who knew the rules of the game. Basically speaking he was a bottle job. He gave advantage where there wasn’t advantage. He blowed up when he shouldn’t have blowed up. He made petty little decisions. He didn’t send off their player for an assault on Merry. He would have given the W2K players head in the half time recess, though was so incompetent he ended up sucking their toe instead.

Them: After they lost their players to Worthing, due to them not getting promoted, one would feel sympathic towards W2K. However, and strangely enough, nobody does. In fact, singing “Going Down” and “Bye Bye Withdean” shows a distinct lack of compassion that is rarely displayed in such a middle-class bunch of wooly liberals that about 95% of our fanbase are. SW19 on the other hand says fuck them. If Southall were the front line of on-pitch thuggery then W2K are proving themselves to be the infiltration factions. When they were 4-1 down, they decided it was pointless kicking the ball so they kicked our players instead.

Worthing: It’s not a bad little place to be fair, full of old people though. Woman in the Wimpy probably thought I was some dark, moody, brooding, talented and wealthy writer as I sat in true journo style writing up the match report before the match started. And her powers of perception were wonderfully accurate. Minus the “talented” bit. And the “wealthy”.

Ambien Online With Prescription Fight night: Towards the end, there was a rather public scuffle involving two of our more pugalistically minded supporters. Some punching and a flooring (with W2K style kicking) but it all passed off peacefully. Rather strangely, one of those breaking up the fight was a Mr T Walgaar. How the mighty have, er, fallen. Sing, sing, sing: Apart from the above mentioned relegation chants, a couple today. “One head to the Wimbledon” after Cooper’s bonce opened the scoring. And “Pub team from Brighton”, which must have gone down REALLY well. Bit quiet otherwise, I think last night’s exploits in Brighton took its toll. Especially on those who found a bed..

Point to ponder: When he goes, aren’t we going to miss Kevin Cooper or what?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Kevin Cooper scoring with his head. I shall repeat that in case you didn’t get it the last few times. Kevin Cooper scoring with his head. Watch him do utterly shite with his feet from now on. (2) “Netley Abbey Tartan Army” advertising hoarding around the ground, complete with St Andrews Cross to boot. Explanation greatly appreciated. (3) The speed of the third goal, or as described by somebody on high, “It was in slow motion”.

Anything else? I dunno, is there? Oh yeah, reportedly just over 1k there, which will give those who like to shit-stir a cause to think our attendances are slipping.

So, was it worth it? Even the fact that it started raining didn’t dampen things.

In a nutshell: Ha.