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Month: August 2003

Back to Chernobyl

Hooray. It’s back. Everyone start jumping for joy. Yup, Pop Idol has returned and aren’t we grateful? Lots of gormless fuckwits attempting to sing, with … Read more

Hats on

Almost like old times this, isn’t it? I said “Almost”. Oh well, I would suppose that Coats 0 Hats 2 is a respectable scoreline, bearing … Read more

Bhoys of Summer

Mention “Football” and “Scotland” to any football fan south of Hadrian’s wall, and you’ll get a variety of responses : Hot Shot Hamish, Old Firm, … Read more

Beached Wales

Whilst SW19’s very own Man in Black was discovering his Irish roots at a football match in Glasgow (geography may not be his strong point), … Read more