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All a bit easy


It’s getting a bit too easy now isn’t it? In the head-on collision that was Top Of The Pops 3 CD:UK 0 we saw probably a side that has never been so settled in a long while. Despite not playing that well – overhit a few, and generally not as sharp as previous games, we came across the banana skin that called itself NGU, stopped, bent over, picked it up and disposed of it in the nearest bin. Like any good Womble would do. We have a new goalkeeper who’s shot stopping looked as good as anyone else who’s worn the AFCW green. Sadly, his kicking’s as shite as anyone else’s. The game? Well, it could have easily been a 0-0 bore draw until KC popped up in the second half to get us all going. Unlike last week at W2K, the coward refused to use his head. Git.

It was from then on in that the screw turned and the tension was released. NGU – who had a couple of shots but not that much – were being totally over-run. KC netted again and really the game was over from then. NGU looked increasingly naggered and it was no real surprise when Ryan “Fade To” Gray followed up with a rebound. Still top, still looking like promotion is a cert by October……..


Plus points: A win. Three points. 100% record intact. Clean sheet for the first time since the last ice age. Excellent performances all round. Kept going beyond first two goals.

Minus points: D. Fence.

The referee’s a …….. : Never had him before, not knowingly anyway. Bit of a dick, missed a couple and didn’t play the advantage when he should have. Typical CCL standard. First referee since the Young Kid to not have grey hair. Victim of a rather strange insult by TT : “Blind tea cup”. And people think I’m mad…

Them: CCL wise, they’re a good side, though our fitness came through. Their goalie was pretty good, even if he looked a beanpole, and deservedly got the MOTM/applause at the end. Wonder if it was a coded message for TE to sign him?. Their #4 and #7 looked like they played in Saxon.

Der Volkstadion: Look, it’s still Kingsmeadow, not the bloody Fans Stadium. Anyway, the permanent catering sites were back again, no hot food down the Hardcore Athletics End though. Tea tasted like the usual dishwater but unlike the PG Tips from the vans at least it wasn’t £1. The debut of Y&B corner flags showed intent, though an interesting conversation with somebody I’ve never met before (apologies, didn’t catch your name) suggests that more Y&B will be coming soon…

His Masters Voice: Good anti-MK one today : “I’d rather die than Milton Keynes”. Other than that, usual fayre, though in a day for strange quips, we got a “He loves his salad” or something. Must be a full moon ATM. Didn’t think I heard the CS song, though “We’re gonna win the League” was heard. Main Stand got animated, though I think somebody dropped their tea-flask all over their Daily Telegraph.


Point to ponder: How good are we at keeping on-side?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Having the Franchise score read out and nobody caring. They lost 3-0 in front of 2000 Reading fans today BTW. (2) 2.7k there. Very good considering I was one of those thinking attendance would drop by a couple of hundred this season. Glad to be proved wrong. (3) DT open meeting attended by about 15 people and was “very constructive”. No bloodshed as yet.

Anything else? Aye – those advertising hoardings. Especially the Merton one – now, you can take two schools of thought over this : one, we shouldn’t be doing anything more with LBM, we have a foothold in Kingston, Casale is a wanker etc etc. The second one, the line that SW19 takes disagrees with all that (except the bit about Casale) : I think we need to keep at it with Merton. I surely cannot be the only one who thinks that the club isn’t “complete” without moving back 1.5 miles eastward. Remember, we are owed a ground in Merton, LBM let Hammam fuck us over and this is only a minute payback. Anyone who wants to query my “reality” will have to first go through the levels of bitterness that still remains. Still waters run deep. Very deep.

So, was it worth it? Yes, and I haven’t even felt the need to slag off those wearing fluorescent “Helper” jackets yet

In a nutshell: Let’s smash the Vase up