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And here we are again, on a cold(ish) night, where the trains were fucked, the drivers on the way to the game were as surly as a Franchise accountant and where once again, Toilet 5 WC 2 was the order of the day. And I have to be honest, we were pretty shit, especially in defence where Harvey had his worst game for us ever (came back from Abu Dhabi apparently). It wasn’t that surprising that we went 1-0 down, there were even some Casual fans down the hAE (I guess the stunned silence came from the shock of finding out that the away team having some fans). Come to think of it, we were playing like we could have been 5-0 down after 15 minutes. Still, we woke up, had a stretch, yawned, broke wind, made ourselves a nice cup of tea and got to work

Normal service was resumed by hat-trick heroâ„¢ KC, who scored a wonderful goal. Apparently. This did come before an utter sitter was missed, which at that time was going to sum up the night. We then went ahead finally thanks to Harvey, bit of a pinball goal but then his play last night was reminiscent of a pinball machine. At least one that has had the power turned off. Twas 3-1 thanks to a good KC shot, before they got back into it again. 3-2 and cue much shitting of undergarments. But not for long, as KC put the game beyond reach, making it 4-2.

Then, then, then….. Enter the demi-god of many a guestbook for a much awaited appearance, all rose off their feet in deference, women offered to bear his offspring, men considered switching their sexuality in his prescence. Yes, Paul Scott came on and all was fine and just. Oh, and Gareth “Ginge” Graham came on as well in his Ainsworth-like role (ie sponsored by BUPA). Don’t think anyone noticed. The Dons’ doyen repayed his faith and netted to make it 5-2, and just goes to show that no matter how shit we play we still conquer all.

Bored by all that? Don’t worry, here’s the good stuff.

Plus points: Well, we won I suppose.

Minus points: Back four more shocking than a giant shocking type thing

The referee’s a…… : Needed glasses, apparently. Gave too many free kicks to them, certainly

Them: They must really really hate us. Technically, our bogey team (insofar as you can guarantee they will score against us) and yet still always lose. Casuals aren’t our favourites either – I don’t know of any grief Danny “Nescafe Handshake” Wheeler was getting, but Tony Gale (yes, that Tony Gale) was reportedly being a bit narked at the abuse he was getting. Apparently, he was acting a bit high and mighty, full of his own belief in mediocre football. Then again, what else do you expect from somebody who used to play for West Ham?

Point to ponder: Was I the only one in the ground who thought that we were (a) going to score as soon as they scored, and (b) score 5 goals?

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Did Paul Scott really score? (2) Harvey was subbed at half time. So what, you might think? Well, two of the AFCW ladies team wandered in during the second half down the hAE after training, asked where Harvey was. When told he was off, they buggered off again….

Anything else? Urm, not that bad a turnout, considering it was an evening game and the railways were their usual shit self. Perhaps they ought to tarmac over each railway line in the country and give everyone a Nissan or a bicycle.

So, was it worth it? Guess so.

In a nutshell: The run continues.