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Month: January 2004

Nuclear fallout

Bloody hell, wasn’t Sizewell B 1 Chernobyl 0 dull? Seriously, I had forgotten how crap weather conditions can make games (a) uninteresting and (b) hard … Read more

Chip sauce

Having suitably thawed out sufficiently enough due to weather now currently dumping itself forcefully on SW19 Towers, I can now write that our two game … Read more


Who wants to win something called the Vase anyway? I remember when I were a lad that competitions were leagues, or given proper titles such … Read more


Well, I wrote a pretty long piece on the Dons Trust AGM part 2 : The Auditor’s Revenge, but realising that I’m on legit iffy … Read more


Well, that was coming wasn’t it? Officers 2 Squaddies 2, and so ends the LSC-esque winning run. TBH, the longer we were going to go … Read more


And here we are again, on a cold(ish) night, where the trains were fucked, the drivers on the way to the game were as surly … Read more