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Nuclear fallout


Bloody hell, wasn’t Sizewell B 1 Chernobyl 0 dull? Seriously, I had forgotten how crap weather conditions can make games (a) uninteresting and (b) hard work. It really did get to the stage where both the kids in front of me, and the ongoing saga of a falling down corner flag by the hAE was more entertaining. So, here’s a brief rundown of what happened. We got a penalty. KC took it, their goalie saved it. Second half, we scored thanks to a cross by (I think) Harvey for Bolger to net in. And that really was it. No fights, no yellow cards. Nothing. Even the return of one Ally Russell, who marked his return with an expert skying of the ball from about 12 yards out and Noel Frankum couldn’t raise the collective spirits. OK, we can be thankful that we won as opposed to lost, but I don’t think this game will be available on DVD any time soon


Plus points: We won. Clean sheet. Never really looked in danger. Nice to see Ally Russell back, though nobody seems to know why he returned.

Minus points: 3pm – 4.45pm.

The referee’s a……. : Christ, I can’t even muster up enough energy to slag him off, so let’s just say he was a typical CCL style ref. Few people yelled at him so he obviously gave a couple of decisions to the nuclear fallout boys.

Them: Well, they had a nice(ish) kit. I think. Put occasional bits of pressure on but really there was only likely to be one team scoring, and it wasn’t them. Their #10 looked like Brian Kilcline, which unless somebody put some hallucinagenic drug in the tea explains the mock wolf-howling aimed at him during the game.

Spotted: The Norsedons, one of the LA Wombles on a 48 hour stopover – and I thought my trips took some doing, some Salisbury City fans and AFC Wallingford’s most famous fan behind Oliver Cromwell who came down to t’smoke to see what a real team looked like. Nothing to do with the fact that their game at Vile was called off, or so he says anyway. In quaint yokel form, he thought I was the Papal of AFCW, which shocked me, though not as shocked as Mr Pope….

Nice cup of tea: In keeping with the irritating ethically aware mantra of AFCW Workers Co-Operative (formerly AFC Wimbledon football club), we were treated to some reasonably tasting Fair Trade stuff, especially as it was free. For those who don’t think the idea of paying more than 50p for a cup of tea is particularly fair, the idea of fair trade is that the farmers who farm the stuff get more than they’re currently getting, although if farmers in these growing areas are like farmers everywhere else, they’ll pocket most of the money and pay their labourers jack shit. Did somebody say “cynical marketing ploy”? Fair Trade is obviously geared towards the 96% (SW19 estimate revised upwards) of our fanbase that are gullible morally sound middle class liberals, because it makes them feel better and really think they’re doing their bit for humanity. Bless them. Next week I expect a Noam Chomsky signing session, together with an AFCW-sponsored meeting entitled “Why the Khosla debt is the sole fault of Israel and neo-conservatives”

Weather the storm: For once I wasn’t that cold, but I did get very wet. And it was windy, so windy in fact that when the Feltham goalie kicked the ball down field, it ended up being a corner to us.

Point to ponder: Is it me or was the game reminiscent of those Plough Lane games where the weather was shite and we used to despatch of crap like Coventry or Sheff Weds quite easily? Watch your old PL era WFC videos to see what I mean.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Crowd felt quite low, especially as I was walking in. While it was given as 2491 it certainly felt less than 2000. That said though the weather really did suck, and I bet that some thought the game wasn’t going to go ahead. (2) Things must be desperate on the AFCW match sponsorship front, as today a load of Chelski fans sponsored the game. I don’t think I have heard such a negative reaction to a sponsorship announcement in my life. Their MoM was Michael Harvey, as like most Chelski fans they’re into this yookay garridge and aardcaw stuff innit? Either that or they like to partake in the traditional Chelski pastime of meeting a black guy 10 on 1.

Franchise watch: Oh, this is classic. They went the long 70 miles to Selhurst, against former hated rivals Crystal Palace, who rehabilitated themselves by stuffing the Frenzies 3-1. Anyway, 100 Franchise fans turned up, so this is the grand total of (a) those who can be arsed to do the difficult 70 mile trip down from Bucks and (b) the entire remaining South London fanbase who for one reason or another don’t do the easy 70 mile trip up to Bucks. Even better, and as a sop for those who still hate Palace, some panels of the roof fell off due to the wind and the game eventually kicked off at 3.45pm. Same old Selhurst. At least Murdick had a ready made excuse this time.

Anything else? Yeah, anyone go to that open meeting beforehand? I normally find such events on a par with extracting teeth so I didn’t trouble. Hope we were all polite and nice to each other..

So, was it worth it? No comment

In a nutshell: Grey, downcast, in need of stimuli. And that’s just the weather.