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Sorry it’s late, I think Friday being Saturday and Saturday being Sunday has buggered me about a bit. Rate I’m going I’ll be taking the weekend off by next Wednesday.

Anyway, some good news to start you off – the SW19 guestbook has returned. Stop going “oh”. Yes, if you click here or use the link above, it’s there in its new and improved glory. And yes, I know it’s very similar to a certain other guestbook. Before anyone asks, doing it this way saved a lot of time and aggrevation. It probably won’t stop the spammers from coming – they need something else to do apart from drinking Jolt cola, playing pointless video games and downloading doctored pics of Sarah Michelle Gellar – but this time, I’ll have the upper hand…

Now, onto the game. Suppose that As 1 Zs 3 was one of those games which turned out to be quite comfortable really. I certainly don’t think it was likely to be a defeat, and when we went 1-0 up through RB I wasn’t going to change my mind. I didn’t even consider it when they got a penalty, when Paul Smith fouled their player. In fact, I was more worried that he was going to be sent off, though he wasn’t even booked. Oh, and they scored the penalty.

Funny thing was, I wrote in my notebook “Still think we’ll win” literally five seconds before we scored again. Thanks to Urse through RB. No longer the much maligned RB, more like the much loved. Third goal? RB again, bit of a scramble. And I suppose that’s really all that’s worth writing about.

So, basically, we will go up on Monday if we beat Dorking. Expect a 4-0 loss now. Incidentally, I have heard that we could very possibly go up today if W&H and Horsham both lose, or something, but I don’t expect us to be jumping for joy at 4.50pm today

Anyway, shall we…?

Plus points: Comprehensive performance. Great performance by everyone, especially RB.

Minus points: Conceeding. Shane Smeltz’s worst game for us.

The referee’s a…..: Could have sworn he had a bet on us to win 3-2. Gave them a free kick before FT when it appeared that our player went down with cramp

Them: Isn’t the area around their ground a bit chavvy? I don’t think they could – or should – have fitted any more in, especially with no police and a non-working tannoy. We all remember the last time that happened. Other than that, decent enough people, for some reason the Banstead side came out late. Were they hiding? Incidentally, a family of Palace turned up to support the home side (kid had “I 8 Brighton”). Those thinking of some AFCW-Palace love in were crudely awaken with “We hate Palace”, “We beat the scum 2-0” and the music hall favourite “Going down”….

Strip poker: Presume you all remember the streaker who ran onto the pitch? Well, it seems like his name was Tony and he did it for a £1 bet. Fuck knows what he would do for a fiver. Incidentally, how come you never see female streakers these days?

Point to ponder: Not AFCW related, but still relevant. Has there never been a more ill-scheduled time to have international football than this weekend? It’s Easter, and for the first time in living memory there’s been nothing. This is good news for the likes of us of course, I would be interested to see how many more people have gone to non-league games this weekend because of the lack of other stuff on.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) Banstead fan wearing an Asda fleece, presumably just finished work from the Reigate Road branch. Didn’t stop a couple of people walking past him and muttering “Asda franchise” to him. (2) When was the last time we had a delayed kickoff? (3) The kids on a trampoline in one of the surrounding houses. Come on, it wasn’t that expensive to get in.

Anything else? How lucky are we that Andrew Martin no longer plays for us? He may not have had a good game yesterday, especially anything to do with crosses. Oh, and one word for people wearing those fashion victim wristband thingys : don’t.

So, was it worth it? That or watch the telly on Good Friday? Hmm.

In a nutshell: Champions by Monday (well, promotion anyway)