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Shouting oneself Horsh

First things first, as you all might know, the guestbook got pulled this week. Well, fortunately it should be back up next week sometime, relying on circumstances purely within my control…

Second things second, as you all certainly know, the Merton Derby is upon us. Finally, after 14 years we get to play in a postcode that starts with an “S” and doesn’t end in “E25”. Surely all Wombles will descend? There is one problem : I’m in Ireland (or to be more specific somewhere inbetween Dublin and Athlone) that day, so typically I’m missing it. Though I am planning to watch Bohemians v Cork City so don’t shed too many tears for me. Basically, I need someone to give the Merton Derby the justice it deserves….

Third things third, how good was Sunflower Oil 4 Lard 1? I was NLPing so I missed the last 20 minutes (Sussex League roundup, read it in tomorrow’s edition), but what I did see was a rather impressive performance. As I overheard today, “we’re playing football”. Quite simply, since we put in the players that we were probably going to sign for next season anyway we look a different team again. Somehow, I think this team won’t suffer relegation next season after all.

So what? Well, we didn’t exactly do ourselves much harm going 2-0 up after 13 minutes. Everyone’s favourite Kiwi Shane Smeltz opened the scoring on 7 minutes from a corner then RB six minutes later after what looked a bit like a defensive fuckup more or less put the game out of reach. It was certainly out of reach when it went 3-0 to us. Yes, I missed it. So did the person I was talking to.

Second half, they came at us a bit and presumably the sun got to us a bit as they scored. While the next goal was always going to decide the outcome, I couldn’t help feeling that somehow they’d snatch something back. Remember Corinthian Casuals? All was to be well though, thanks to Rob Ursell’s curler. Seriously, it was outside the box, and last time I saw a curve like that it was on some slapper on the front of Loaded. And then I left.


Plus points: A win. A good win. Vastly improved performance. Team looks solid and determined. Actually look championship material. Good passing. Good defending. Ability to kill the game off when needed.

Minus points: They scored.

The referee’s a….: I dunno, thought he gave them too many free kicks. Not too many calling for his head though.

Them: The infamous Lardy Army (or Llama Army, or whatever they call themselves) turned up en masse. All 150 of them were put into a corner of the JS for the first half and were, well, a bit quiet. Certainly louder at their place. Couple of them thrown out for verbal type stuff, presumably the drink in London a bit too strong for them. As for the team, considering they’re second I didn’t think much of them at all. Especially poignant was the fact they’re one of the form teams as well. They were sort of a bit niggly when they went 3-0 down, arguing and the like. A bit like their manager who looked like somebody who works at a tennis club. Have to say though, I can’t warm to Horsham. I would prefer W&H or even T&M to go up with us. And yes, I know that the team from the shithole end of SM4 have a distinct chavviness to them…

Incidentally, and following on from the incident(s) mentioned above, somebody on their messageboard has called AFCW stewards “petty and jobs worth”….

Point to ponder: Is it true we’re only six points away from promotion? It seems like it’s really come round quick – have to say, last month I’m sure I wasn’t the only one worried that we could freefall away from the playoffs.

Truth is stranger than fiction: (1) The AFCW version of the Lilith festival, aka the annual Terry’s Tarts Femidons Wombelles sponsorship, was today. I could make a rude comment about our female fanbase loving a good guzzle but I won’t. In other news, there were 20 dinners not on the table this evening. (2) Smeltz has clearly made it already at AFCW – I spotted somebody with a NZ soccer jersey on. Think there are less people who wear one in NZ. (3) Also spotted a couple of lefty sorts wearing some anti-Iraq war stuff. Looks like they got lost somehow. Incidentally, isn’t the Stop The War coalition the most inapt name since Reg Davis’ Smart car? (3) Also there – one A Eames. No TE though…

Anything else? Yeah, I got a hat tip this morning to this, I believe it’s in the programme as well. Now, my WUP article today was talking about something similar and obviously I spoke too soon 🙂 Initial thoughts : it’s a good move by AFCW in my opinion. I bumped into Ivor just before Xmas and he said that the workload has sky-rocketed commmercial-wise. As he’s the only one of the top brass at AFCW who I know doesn’t have AFCW as the day job I can understand fully why this is needed to be done.

Now, I presume a “Commercial Executive” is a highly powered job, and £15k basic does seem a little low to the layman. Wonder what the remit is? I did hear last week that AFCW are, or were, touting for national companies as opposed to local companies. For a club that likes to remind us every ten seconds about “community”, it does seems a tad on the two faced side. Judging by the tone of the application, it does seem that this is no longer the case. Hope so, anyway. One thing for sure, the CCL museli knitted marxist commune era is well and truly buried…

So, was it worth it? No, it was shit. Bring back Kevin Cooper. And Trigger. And Mehmet Mehmet.

In a nutshell: Second Easter Monday in a row…?