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St(aines) Stephens Day

Well, there was going to be normal service resumed after Massive 1 Borat 1. But I left my notebook at home, and if truth be told my brain simply doesn’t want to function right now.

In a nutshell, it was shades of last season. I’m still unconvinced about our defence, and we seem to go in patches as per usual. OK, we came back well, but it was two points dropped. And possibly lucky to get just one on occasions. This ain’t going to get us in the Conference South. And once again, we showed ourselves extremely incapable of getting two piddly wins in a row.

The main talking point was the ref’s performance, or lack of it. Basically, he sent Wes Daly off for a second yellow for diving. Except that he didn’t. In fact, I believe the expression for why Daly went on the floor is commonly described as a “foul”. Actually, the ref and his assistants really lost it, leading to the quote of the day from an occasional matchgoer : “The referee clearly suffered from jaundice”. Something to do with the colour yellow…..

Of course, there was some good skill and ball control shown at times. Sadly, it was the performing dog at half time. Useful looking mutt as well, though one wonders if touching the ball with its front paws counts as handball.

Other than that, it was a bit of a strange day. So strange was it that two Ashford Town fans turned up and for most of the first half they were the only ones making some noise. Far quieter in the second half when we surrounded them, needless to say…..

Anyway, that’s really enough to be said. Boxing Day games are weird affairs, and this one was no different. The game against Chelski (Walton branch) is now crunch time. I’m not too sure if even a draw is good enough now.

Now, what’s on telly……?