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West Brom

So, the second game in our Most Important Week Of The Season, and where are we? Well, if the reaction to Mark Goldberg 1 Ron Noades 3 is anything to go by, we’ve gone from making voodoo dolls of DA to planning our promotion party in May. Well, almost.

While we obviously shouldn’t be getting carried away, this was deffo the league performance of the season so far. It feels as though we reached a watershed after Billy Ricky then suddenly it all starts clicking. Passes were made that should have been made. Tackles won. Heads kept. And even one or two goals.

Dare I say we’re the Liverpool of the Ryman Premier? No, I don’t mean the brother of one of our players allegedly shagging John Terry’s mum up the wrong ‘un. What I mean is, a crap start is balanced out by almost championship winning form in the second half of the season. We saw it of sorts last season, and it looks like it could be happening this time around.

OK, it’s all premature to get all excited. We still have Ramsgutter away, and those sort of games kill us, not the Bromleys. But for this week, let’s just relax about it.

Last night felt old skool Wimbledon in so many ways. Going to a ground we’ve never won at and doing it quite comfortably (let’s be honest, it could have been at least 5-1). Pissing rain, and us pissing on them. Oppo fans a bit POed at us, using the two insults they know best (what do you mean, the only two insults they know?). And even a good old fashioned style slagging off of us on Radio Dive Live afterwards, apparently.

Know what I think? Fuck them. There’s a real Old Boys feel at times in the Ryman, and I don’t just mean in boardrooms either. You can sense it when they slag us off for being “nothing special”, or in one or two cases when I’ve read that they think we’ve got ideas way above our station*. Funny how they all raise their game at least 30% against us isn’t it? And especially funny how they like our money. It’s attitudes like that which makes results like last night sweeter. Plenty of people miss the CCL in one way. When we eventually move up (taking our unfeasibly massive bollocks with us), I don’t think there’ll be so much heartwrenching…

* – for those who like historical context, check this out. There’s nothing like progress, eh?

Back to the action. When Roscoe tapped in, after a little bit of a shaky start, it was as though we thought “hey, this lot aren’t much cop really”. And really, they weren’t. I know that Byron Bubb and Barry Moore were on the field, but were they playing? Their player getting sent off for injuring SF made things easier, though if truth be told we were on top anyway. It just felt the penalty (ably converted by Insane) was a bit of just reward.

Second half, as all team with 10 men do, they were a bit better, but even so their goalie still kept the score down. But what summed up last night was this : they scored with 5 minutes to go, and immediately we went up that gear. It was never going to be 2-2 (and would have been such an injustice that they would have ordered the match to be replayed with us having a 3-0 start). Goddard scored, and if he can keep his feet on the ground (not literally), he could be a goodun. In fact, it could have easily been 4-1 at the end.

OK, I should write a bit more. But like you care. Enjoy the rest of it…

Plus points: Winning. Playing well. Controlling for most of the game. Going up a gear as/when needed. Goddard’s somersault.

Minus points: Letting a goal in. SF’s injury.

The referee’s a…….: I dunno. I think “mixed” is the expression.

Them: I admit it, they’re not my favourite team. Don’t think anyone notices though. Credit where it’s due though, they seemed a bit better organised than previous visits. Informal segregation, and quite a few police there last night. Only little incident I’m aware of was when some stuck up bitch well-to-do Bromley fan got a bit annoyed with two Wombles behind her talking a bit. Just console yourself with the knowledge that she’s probably mortgaged up to the hilt to make herself appear better than what she really is – no wonder she was stressed. As for their team, they seemed far happier counting their money.

Point to ponder: Is there one right now? Apart from “can we keep this going”? I suppose though you could argue the ins/outs of trying to keep hold of SF, and whether or not it’s time for a John Fashanu-esque splashout. Can we afford to? Or just as importantly, can we afford not to?

Truth is stranger than fiction: The weather. No further comment necessary.

Anything else? Yeah, I was told about the programme seller(s) being quite popular for some reason. Sadly, I missed them, so any photographs willingly accepted. Nowt wrong with one of the barmaids though……

So, was it worth it? Reliving old-style WFC days? Surely you jest?

In a nutshell: Now watch us lose to Ramsgutter