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Harrow Borough report – part 2

After last night’s “effort”, a better report for you. Just received this in my inbox from Mr Mikey T.


After three successive generally poor performances, a Thursday night in the nut-numbing evening chill of the Earlsmead Sports Multiplex was, understandably, not everyone’s idea of fun – and the eventual crowd approximation from everyone’s favourite fan-counter (Papers) of around 130 was both unsurprising and also the easiest evening he’s had so far since 2002.

But scrape away the general air of disdain, apathy, and dare I say, dread, which we’ve collectively displayed when it comes to this particular competition…. and we had ourselves a nice chilled low-key evening of footy in comparison to the cut and thrust of BSP life, reasonably-priced refreshments in an era when us getting ripped-off is now generally a given.

Perhaps even more alarmingly, we actually had ourselves a rather decent cup tie, with a young Dons side who gelled very well, helped along with a more experienced midfield of Wellard, Adjei and Godfrey, up against a gutsy, spirited Harrow side, who hung in there and could well have forced extra-time had it not been for some great saves from Seb.

In the end, it was two clinical finishes from Matty Harmsworth and a late bullet header (a la Everard) from central-defensive pivot Charlie Clark-Gleave that did the business, as we survived two equalisers from some bloke called Harewood (no, not Marlon).

There was also a touch of nostalgia in the cold night air, as our old mate Keita Karamoko re-acquainted himself with the noble art of picking the ball out of the net against us. (Mali’s…. number 1…… Mali’s, Mali’s number 1!)

But above and beyond just the result, there were certainly other pleasing aspects of the game – most notably how our young charges still stood up to their generally lively and physically-stronger opponents, and fought for each other – particularly when the spectre of extra-time suddenly loomed large after the second Harrow equaliser.

Previously, we might have expected them to feel the pressure and lose their way, especially as by now, Wellard and Godfrey had exited the arena of combat… but the way they brushed off the disappointment of being pegged back to then go up the other end so soon afterwards and win the game, shows just what kind of progress they are making.

They also showed good passing, movement, and appreciation of the game, which of course bodes very well indeed for our future.

So in the end, not just a pleasing, hard-fought result, to reward the hardy few who’d turned up, but also some surreal memories to take with us, such as our sub ‘keeper Ali Aksoy coming on to play outfield and a Harrow throw-in being taken at least two feet in from the touchline – not to mention a well-known Dons fan of ill-repute in certain internet forums, who couldn’t stop singing as we left the ground….. “back for the final, we’re coming back for the final”… and if those defiant, bellowed sentiments don’t epitomise our juggernaut-esque pursuit of County Cup glory, or put the fear of God into Fisher or Croydon Athletic…. then nothing will.

….and to close in the style of the usual SW19 reports…. so, was it worth it?

You bet…. always nice to have another semi on.