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Month: March 2010

Rush of blood

Right, after Marina and the Diamonds 0 Rushden and Diamonds 1, I’m going to be blunt here. I really, genuinely, cannot be arsed to write … Read more

Barrow boys

Well, I slept on it and I still don’t feel any better. Mind you, after Three Mile Island 0 Sellafield 2, should I be? Right … Read more

Oh, fuck off

Do I really need to mention about Jon Main’s tap to the keeper penalty? Or James Pullen’s back pass to their player for the second … Read more

Yes, Minster

Few thoughts from the game at York (stop laughing). – Looks like fun and games for the re-arrangement. What is clear is that it’s going … Read more

Soggy biscuit

As I type, I’m currently sitting down on the 1731 from York to London Kings Cross. I’ve been looking over some flat farming scenery, a … Read more