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Pirates of Men’s Pants

Tramadol Online American Express brovers2014 I suppose if one was writing Fart 0 Gas 0 as a neutral, proper match report, the word “gritty” would get used in it. Certainly the OS has used it in their copy this evening… Still, it’s another point. Even if everyone else managed to win today. To be honest, I think the game today left me a bit non-plussed. We tried hard, probably had the best of the play, and yet it showed why we will limp to the finish line this season rather than confidently stroll past it.

If we were still playing now, I expect it would be 0-0. True, we had a couple of chances that we could (and in Midson’s case, should) have buried. But then, striking has been our downfall this season and it will continue to be our ball and chain. We do need the constant prod up the arse, and we are certainly not safe by any stretch of the imagination. Today could have been a missed opportunity, but equally it could have ended up being a lot worse…

The sucker punch a la Barnet last season never came, and for that we should be very thankful. I’ll mention more about our opponents later, but I would have been vomiting blood right now if they’d won this.

And to be fair to us, we did play well enough. It’s an undeniable fact that if that if you play well enough on a regular basis, you do get the points eventually. We should have enough – even with our bunch of eunuchs up front – to see us over the line. But I don’t want many more weekends where everyone else wins and we don’t…

The game? I wonder what would have happened if Midson had gone down under the challenge of the goalie? If he had, and it just proves that being honest in this division just marks you out as naive, we may have been writing a different story this evening.

Appiah looks decent though, and with Wyke now heading back to Smogland he has a very good chance of showing why Cambridge United fans still miss him. Harry Pell played, and he did some good things but faded late on. Although getting crocked twice in the first half didn’t help. To give them their due, Antwi and Jones managed to be quite solid and snuffed out Matt Harrold taunting us yet again. And no, I still want Antwi gone in the summer. Francomb was decent, our #36 was shit at crossing, and the rest was OK enough. At least we’re not walking around in shock wondering how we’ve just lost…

Tramadol Tablets Online Plus points: We didn’t lose. Some decent stuff. Defence solid. Midfield did OK at times. Appiah. Francomb. Minus points: We didn’t win. Drop zone still too close for comfort. Forwards are shite. No HAFSOG. The referee’s a…: Seemed to miss a couple of things, and I’ll leave that polite description at that. Definitely had an aversion to booking people, although he presumably couldn’t be bothered doing much paperwork this weekend.

Them: If I was a Brizzle Rovers fan heading back down the M4 right now, I’d be worried about my team. I can see why they’ve only won once away all campaign, and if you’re even making Antwi look like a competent defender, you have issues.

Order 180 Tramadol Overnight Could they be a surprise candidate for the dreaded drop? If you were to put a cheeky couple of quid on it tomorrow morning it may not be the worse bet you’ve made. They remind me a bit of Aldershot and Barnet last season, insofar as they suffer from an all round lack of quality.

Tramadol Online Overnight Visa Christ, even we show more of that than they do. It sounds as though their problems started when Paul Buckle took charge a while ago. Remember him? He was the prodige of one Mr T Brown and was seen enjoying the club’s hospitality in the turbulent time of our first FL season…

Tramadol Online Germany Point to ponder: Can somebody please explain to me why taking extra touches in attacking situations is considered good football? It happened again today, and it seemed like we were ordered at gunpoint to try and walk it in the net.

I know our strikeforce is shit, but it really doesn’t help when a player could have a shot, but is obviously issued with a diktat that he has to play it outside the box for a couple more touches.

And when we do try and cross it, we’re so shit at those anyway that we might as well have a shot and done with it.

The successful teams know how to attack – we don’t. In a way, NA is a hostage to fortune here because these expensive UEFA coaching courses seem to produce robots rather than football managers.

It may be technically good tactics, but it doesn’t score you goals and win games. I do wonder what the hell they teach them for these things, because I don’t think it makes them better managers and coaches.

One complaint your editor has about NA is that I’m still not convinced he has an instinct for getting something from these sort of games. To his credit, he did put on attackers late on, but they’re still wedded to this idiotic walk-the-ball-in-the-net crap that never works.

The most successful managers will be the ones who will take whatever is useful from these, but ignore half of it in the real world. And it certainly won’t involve everyone doing their impression of Sideways Sammy Moore…

Truth is stranger than fiction: 1) The Men United bods were there today, and anyone who knows me will know why I mentioned that. I didn’t pick up their “spot the symptoms of prostrate cancer” because I know too much about it. But I hope they start tweaking their campaign, and focus on people who don’t respond to the various treatments – and just because “only” 10000 men die of it each year doesn’t hide that many more have an absolutely shit quality of life… 2) Panathinaikos sticker outside the Ecohouse entrance. Also saw a Fulham one and another from an Eastern European side too. Wonder if there’s an AFCW one in some back alley in Bulgaria?

Anything else? I think we have to accept that we could still go down – while I believe there are worse sides below (and above?) us, the reality is that we still need points rather than performances.

Brizzle Rovers were poor today, but they got as many points as we did. You wouldn’t have expected Northampton to win at t’Stanley, or Wycombe to gub Daggers, but it happened, and our seemingly comfortable gap ain’t nearly as big.

While I think we’re playing better, and with goal difference we’re seven points ahead rather than the six on paper, our strike force (and the way it’s set out tactically) may still be to this season what our defence and goal difference was last time out.

It’s a bit different because the teams below us have to win, and they too can’t afford dips in form. But once again, we’ve put ourselves in this position when we shouldn’t have needed to.

Your editor heard a theory this week that perhaps us struggling to get over the line again will finally force NA to wise up. And there is some element of truth in that – as horrible as last season was right up until the last kick, it did at least force us to gut the entire defence in the close season.

And it has worked very well.

The same needs to be done up front this time around, and there were one or two very interesting names getting bandied about today. Along with a theory that the ST cut-off date was set early so the funds could arrive for an early purchase.

NA praised the application of our players today, but he is still responsible for the tactical formations and decisions that has got us looking over the shoulder. One thing is clear – if he does revamp our forward line in the summer and they’re still firing blanks next season……

So, was it worth it? At least it wasn’t like a certain game last season. Or most of the ones in February.

In a nutshell: Another point..