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Month: April 2014

It only took three points So, we’ve finally found out our fate – three points deducted and a fine of £5k that is suspended. Plus costs, which given the price of tea and biscuits these days means we’ll be short of £100k.

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While we await the more detailed description of what happened, my initial thoughts : we pretty much got away with that. Previous clubs who have been done for this sort of thing (mainly Hereford) have had the points and £10k taken away.

Just when you thought it was safe It’s never easy, is it? Here we were, all nice and safe and secure for the rest of the season, and then this happens.

And suddenly it goes to shit again. There had to be a twist in the tale of this season after all, and your editor wish he hadn’t joked about this sort of thing happening in the bogs after yesterday. It would be so funny if it didn’t leave such a bad taste in the mouth.