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Author: REPD

Rumour mill

At 3pm this afternoon, it was said that we had signed Trond Andersen from Molde for something like £2.5m. Well, apparently we haven’t because Sheff … Read more

Close season frenzy

Loads of stuff: Bloody hell, more new players linked, firstly Trond Andersen from Molde, who is a central defender and Alexander Aas (great surname), from … Read more

Bourne again

Final Pre-Season jobbie, and it finished AFC Boscombe Bournemouth 0 WFC 4. It was pretty hot, too bloody hot as it goes, and we seemed … Read more

Odds and ends

Thank fuck someone in authority has 0.0001% of common sense – the OFT’s bid to overturn the Sky running football thankfully got overturned. If the … Read more

Thru the Wall

Here we are, burning the midnight oil for the SW19 readership – South London’s Not Quite So Finest 0 South London’s Finest 2. It was … Read more

Hughes off?

Fuck, my head hurts. I tell you, jobhunting is no fun. Anyway, it’s happening a little bit today, so let’s get underway: Big story, if … Read more


For the Cardiff Centenary thing between 31 July and 1 August, tickets will set you back about £24. Yes, £24. And they’ve given us 1,000 … Read more


A little bit of confusion about today – W&WW reckons it’s 3,000 days without a home game, whereas SW19’s ARMY will tell you it’s only … Read more