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SW19's ARMY Posts

The Muppet Show

What’s green and smells of pork? Kermit’s middle finger Jim Henson really has a lot to answer for. I don’t know what he was doing … Read more

Pug washed

Oh well, supposed it had to happen eventually. Chris Perry sells his soul for 4 million pieces of tainted silver, in exchange for that shirt … Read more

First day

Norwegian sources say that Drillo has been told to “name his price” for Knut Haraldson, you know the 22 year old CB who’s taller than … Read more


Bit of an exclusive, ie everyone seemed to miss it, or nobody has mentioned it (except CNN and SW19’s ARMY of course). The General Secretary … Read more

Rumour mill

Looks like the well known disease, described by scientists as Premiershipius Muchwonga Greedybastardi, has spread over to Norway : as mentioned yesterday, Freddy Kjolner has … Read more